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Club night with bonus AGM Wednesday 9 August 2017

Blow the dust of those old bluegrass hits and have some fun on our 9 August club night. You can choose to simply hum along and watch the fun, or go for that special rush that only comes from getting up and performing.   There’ll be lots of people there to help you out musically if you like.

What’s more, if you come to this special club night you’ll get into the Auckland Bluegrass Club AGM absolutely free!

This will be the only all-in-one package deal like this for 2017 so don’t miss out.

At the Auckland Bluegrass Club we don’t stand on ceremony so the bonus AGM will only take a few minutes of bonhomie and banter. You’ll hear from Gary how much we dosh we have stacked away in the Cayman Islands, and you can have a lot of fun nominating your friends for the committee.

Auckland Bluegrass Club night and free AGM
Wednesday 9 August 2017 8pm

The Bunker Devonport
Members $3, non-members $5 cash.

Bob Cooper-Grundy and Kate Marshall 12 July 2017

It will be a rare treat to hear Bob Cooper-Grundy partner with Kate Marshall for a guest spot at the Auckland Bluegrass Club in July.

Bob Cooper-Grundy is one of those guys who, over the past 40 years, has begun to look more and more like the songs he sings. He seems to accumulate authenticity in the same way that wear and tear somehow makes old guitars sound better.

Kate Marshall is the perfect foil for Bob’s musical persona, bringing fiddle, accordion, flute, and a certain tenderness to the partnership.

“She sings quite beautifully,” he confesses.

Bob and Kate usually play their Americana mix around the southern North Island from their Wairarapa home, but this time they are coming up to us.

You won’t be disappointed, mark your calendar now.
Bob Cooper-Grundy and Kate Marshall 
Guests at Auckland Bluegrass Club 
Wednesday 12 July 2017 8pm
The Bunker Devonport 
Members $8, non-members $10 cash at the door.



Hot Hot Diggity Wednesday 14 June 2017

Stand aside boys, when these girls mobilise you know it’s gonna be good. Coming in from all over the North Island, they are going to serve up a great set of their infectious, all-girl bluegrass.

You will be entertained with snappy bluegrass originals by Heather Carrigan and Deborah MacKenzie, together with some of your bluegrass favourites. It will all be delivered with polished harmonies, while they are kitted out in nothing but the finest 40s and 50s vintage styles.

Their cheerful delivery will be completed by the charismatic Jenine Abarbanel on bass, Krissy Jackson’s dazzling fiddle, and Sue Drake doing that banjo thing with five strings and only three fingers.

This show will be too good to miss.

Hot Diggity guest spot at the Auckland Bluegrass Club
Wednesday 14 June  2017 8pm

The Bunker Devonport
Members $8, non-members $10 cash at the door.

Tony Burt and Karen Jones 10 May 2017

Tony Karen

Remembering Stanley Brothers at Auckland Bluegrass Wednesday 12 April 2017

Stanley BrothersOf course the Stanley Brothers can’t be there in person, but we’ll have a great time without them as we sing of sing along to their music at another of our great club nights on Wednesday 12 April 2017.

** Now back at the bunker

If you can’t manage a Stanley Brother song that’s OK, come along anyway and show us what you can do with something else, ’cause this is a Stanley Brothers theme, not an actual religion.

After all the idea of our Auckland Bluegrass Club nights is to give you an opportunity to practice up and then perform – and there be some bluegrass musicians there to help you with backing if you want. What’s more, some of our best bluegrass evenings have been the club evenings, so it worth coming along even if you aren’t going to perform.

So learn up a Stanley Song now, it’s not that hard – there’s hundreds to choose from.

And after that let’s jam along on three of the Stanley Brothers’ classics:

Man of Constant Sorrow – Key of A

Rank Stranger –  3/4 Key of E

Mountain Dew – Bb (Guitarists – G shapes capo 3)

Download the lyrics here  170412-StanleyBrothers

The Auckland Bluegrass Club is held on the second Wednesday of the month at the Bunker in Devonport

Club nights: members $5, non-members $8 cash at the door.

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