Auckland Bluegrass Club – open for business Wednesday 14 September 8:00 pm

It’s a bluegrass club night on Wednesday. This is your big opportunity to get pickin’ and do your thing in front of a friendly supportive crowd.

With a new committee elected, as always, the focus is on bluegrass and old timey music, but there is room for a bit of Americana and the like too.

So come along and bring a couple of songs. bryan-and-peter-200

Of course, solo bluegrass is not exactly in the spirit of bluegrass, so we have some backing musicians who are keen to help you sound terrific.

If you want to have a quick practice with the backing musicians, or you are just a bit shy, get there about half an hour early and ask for Al, Garry, Conni, Kerry, or Pete and they will help you out.

To close the evening we’ll have a jam on some simple bluegrass standards,

Songs to Jam on
Don’t this road Look Rough and Rocky – Key of G Chords
Dark Hollow – C Chords
Bury Me beneath the Willow – C (Video is in B) Chords

Don’t forget to bring a friend and in the meantime, keep pickin’

Club Night
Club Night