Singin’, playin’ and jammin’: Club night Wed 11 October

Dig through the closet, search under the bed. Find that bluegrass instruction manual, the one you haven’t seen for years.

When you find it, turn to the chapter called Giving It A Go.  That’s the chapter about getting off your chuff and coming along to your local Bluegrass Club and singin’, playin’ and jammin’.

Because this Wednesday 11 October is your big opportunity to get up and perform at the friendly Auckland Bluegrass club night.

Get yourself along, put your name down with the bluegrassy looking president Al Young, and don’t be shy about asking other musicians to help you out.

Go it alone, or create an instant band, either way get into some bluegrass.

Of course you might be the quiet type who’d rather not actually stand up and perform. Luckily, there is room for you too, in our jam session – your chance to jam along like an introvert or like an extrovert, according to your fancy.

If you can’t handle performing, and you honestly don’t feel like jamming, well you won’t need that Bluegrass instruction manual, just come along and enjoy the fun.

Wednesday 11 October 2017  8pm
The Bunker in Devonport
Club nights: members $5, non-members $8 cash at the door.
Bring your instruments