Bluegrass and Beyond Wed 9 Sept 7:30

Bluegrass and Beyond
LTR: John Olding, Colin Spier, Cameron Bennett, and Pete Parnham

Whaddya expect at a bluegrass club? Bluegrass of course! (No, not blue shirts, that was a just a coincidence on the day the photo was taken).

But, but, much as we admire the music of the honorary Kentucky Colonel William Smith Monroe, it can be like whiskey, it tastes good, but drink it to excess and you get a headache.

So that’s the approach of these blokes, play the bluegrass classics but get out of there before you overdose. Could mean playing one of Colin’s tasteful tunes, renovating a Beatles tune, or going through Cameron’s cupboard of uniquely New Zealand songs, hand stitched by the wordsmith himself.

All this gets you a varied and entertaining show, that takes you through bluegrass and out beyond into the wide open spaces of imagination.

Wednesday 9 September 2020 7:30pm