Can I play my electric instrument?

We are an acoustic music club and our genres of music are almost always played acoustically with rare exceptions in Western swing and Americana.

At the bunker most first half performers perform acoustically while guests sometimes prefer to have just a little PA sound reinforcement to fill the space. In the Bunker feedback monitors are unnecessary due to the small size of the room (80 people max) and the close proximity of reflecting walls.

What kind of events do you have?

Guest evenings

We usually alternate monthly between guest evenings and club concerts. In a guest evening we generally have about 5 or 6 selected first half performers singing one  or two songs each.  After an interval with tea and coffee provided, the guest artists perform for a set of 45 -50 minutes hopefully followed with an encore.

Tickets for these events are cash only door sales.

Club concert and jam

On club concerts night, members and visitors put their name down with the MC to sing one or two songs each. This is the opportunity for less experienced performers to get up, limited by the time available.  This is two halves separated by an interval with tea and coffee. At the end of the evening we have a jam, see jamming etiquette.

Tickets for these events are cash only door sales.


Sometimes we have concerts with visiting New Zealand of overseas artists, where they will generally play two full sets separated by an interval, with no opening performers. Ticket prices are according to the artist and tickets can generally be booked on line.

What is the Auckland Bluegrass Club trying to achieve?

We want the Auckland Bluegrass Club to be the centre of a thriving bluegrass, old-timey, Western Swing and Americana music scene in Auckland.

We want to:

  • Make it easy for people to hear and appreciate the music
  • Socialize and build a community around the music
  • Grow the audience for the music
  • Attract new players and performers
  • Help performers at all levels increase their skills and provide opportunities to perform
  • Cooperate and liaise with other organisations and clubs with similar objectives
  • Facilitate performances of guest artists from outside the Auckland region, and overseas

What kind of music is welcome at the Auckland Bluegrass Club?

The theme of our club is bluegrass and the related genres of old-timey, Western swing, and related Americana.

Many of the musicians who come to the bluegrass club enjoy and play others genres of music too, but the bluegrass club is an opportunity to have some fun with the bluegrass related genres.

Playing in genre is as much about the style as about the song, many songs have been borrowed from other genres and played in a bluegrass old-timey Western Swing and Americana style.


The easiest way to join the Auckland Bluegrass Club is to come along and join at the door by paying an annual subscription of $10 for an individual and $15 for a couple/family.
For this small token you get:

  • Discounted entry to club night : non-members $8 , members $5
  • Discounted entry to guest nights: usual price non-members $10 – $15, members $8 – $12 depending on the guest and how far they have come.
  • Reciprocal membership entry to Devonport Folk Club