Downunderdogs unleashed

Wed 11 Nov 2020 7:30 @Cityside

The Downunderdogs LTR: Luthier pup Jack MacKenzie, tall pup Peter Dyer, and smiley pup Cathy Dyer.

The famous Downunderdogs have slipped their Wellington leash but we are going to catch them at the Auckland Bluegrass Club.

Of course they don’t really bark and they certainly don’t bite. They are always a great big smiley treat, so it is a concert you won’t want to miss. 

A short warm up set will get us in the mood, then we will head into the Downunderdogs cross picking harmonising yodelling strumming swinging originalising earwigging Americana concert.

Their music has a charming and genuine flavour you won’t hear anywhere else.

Downunderdogs in concert
11 November 2020 7:30 pm
Cityside, 8 Mt Eden Road opposite the Powerstation
$15 at the door or book ahead on Under the Radar

The Cityside is a comfortable BYO venue ideal for Music opposite the Power Station near the top of Mt Eden Road. Best parking is in side streets or a parking lot on the corner of Mt Eden Rd and Symonds St. Tip: the early birds are sure to get the best couches.

Club night Wed 14 October 7:30pm in town

This is the time for us and our music to reappear out of the Covid shadows and take the stage to share your music. Live the dream and pull out your best bluegrass, old timey, Western swing or Americana (anyone got a new name for that particular genre?).

Cityside is a great venue for this kind of event, and you’ll find that those in the know get there early to get the couches.

Just before we start the music we’ll need to knock out one of our a quick, informal AGMs.

Given time, we’ll fit in a jam at the end.

It will be an entertaining, friendly musical evening.

Auckland Bluegrass Club
Club night of floor performers
Wed 14 October 2020 7:30pm, Admission free.
Cityside, 8 Mount Eden Road, Grafton, Auckland 1023

Bluegrass and Beyond Wed 30 Sept

Bluegrass and Beyond
LTR: John Olding, Colin Spier, Cameron Bennett, and Pete Parnham

Let’s get out again and have some music fun with Bluegrass and Beyond. 

You might have seen  Bluegrass and Beyond ripping it up at Cafe One2One, led by John Olding’s fine vocals and guitar, and featuring Colin Spier’s stunning guitar and bluegrass banjo. Cameron Bennett adds dobro to the mix, and Pete Parnham adds bull fiddle.

This band goes beyond bluegrass into the realm of Colin’s tasteful guitar tunes, rejuvenated Beatles tunes, and delves into Cameron’s cupboard of uniquely New Zealand songs, crafted by the wordsmith himself.

It makes for a great, high energy show, and it will be at the convenient Greenhouse just off Ponsonby Road. It’s a great venue set out with cafe style seating, with lots of room for social distancing. The cafe itself will be closed so bring your own drinks and nibbles (and please take your debris with you).

Bluegrass and Beyond @ Auckland Bluegrass Club.
16 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, 100m from Ponsonby Road.
$10 cash at the door or book ahead on Under the Radar.

There will be a short opening set by club performers – please request a slot by return email.