Wires & Wood Wednesday 12 September 8pm

It is foretold that on the second Wednesday of the ninth month, the sun shall sink in the West, the moon shall rise, the door to ancient Bunker on the hill shall swing open and the great legend of Wires and Wood will appear like a beacon in the night.

You can see the prophecy fulfilled for yourself, when the legendary bluegrass band Wires & Wood make one of their appearances, but only if you get off your chuff and get over there for yourself.

People still talk wistfully of their previous appearances as a band, and their Best Folk Album award is still up there on the wall. So help us welcome back to the bunker Micheal Young on mandolin, Dave Warren on flat top guitar, Bryan Christianson on banjo, and Garry Trotman on bass with their bluegrass harmonies and masterful playing.

Wires & Wood bluegrass band
Auckland Bluegrass Club
Wednesday 11 July 2018  8 pm
The Bunker, Devonport.  (Gate will be open)
Members $8 non members $10 at the door

Show opens with floor spots

Club concert and jam (and 10 minute AGM) Wednesday 8 August 2018, 8pm

Get started practicing a couple of songs for another one of our great club concerts and jam sessions at Auckland Bluegrass Club. It’s gonna be fun, and everybody loves it when you get a friend or two to help you perform, or to just to help you sit back and enjoy the music.

During the evening we will also take our annual AGMoscopy, which is completely painless 10 minute procedure that comes with a free recovery cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit. It’s nothing to be frightened of – nobody is voted onto the committee without informed consent.  The whole thing is very informal, quick, and you don’t have to be an actual member to participate. You might even offer some suggestions for the coming year.

For this year Al Young wants to give someone else a go at president but is happy to continue as MC when he can, and to keep up the liaison with Devonport Folk Club which holds the lease on the Bunker (thanks Al!). Kerry Challinor is also retiring from the committee after being very helpful during the year.

Committee nominations so far are:
President: Pete Parnham
Treasurer: Garry Trotman
Committee: Conni Ruff, Al Young, Dave Warren, Ben Preston
Further nominations can be taken from the floor.

Club Concert and jam (and AGM)
Auckland Bluegrass Club

Wednesday 8 August 2018  8 pm
The Bunker, Devonport. (Gate will be opened)
Members free, non members $5 cash.

Go Western Remarkables! Wed 11 July 2018

Western Swing is one of the slightly dusty genres at the back of the Auckland Bluegrass Club cupboard.

But right now this treasure has been rediscovered, cleaned and polished ready for you to enjoy as The Western Remarkables take the floor in July for an evening of smooth Western Swing.

Yes, yes, The Western Remarkables share a remarkable physical resemblance to The Remarkables, but folks, this is gonna be Western Swing.

The Western Remarkables
Auckland Bluegrass Club

Wednesday 11 July 2018  8 pm
The Bunker, Devonport. (Gate will be opened)
Members $8 non members $10 at the door

Americana feast: The Downunderdogs Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Does the word Americana extend to actual people?

Find out for yourself by coming to the Downunderdogs at the Auckland Bluegrass Club.

If Americana is just the nice bits of the USA, cherry picked, adapted, and absorbed for Kiwi enjoyment, then it surely it applies to these three genuine made-in-America imports originating from Little Dixie Missouri, Detroit Michigan, and Southern California.

Right now, they’re only making the trip from homes in Wellington and Manawatu, but they bring with them a special flair for the rich feast of bluegrass, old-time, country, swing and originals they will serve up.

The tall DUD is Pete Dyer, king of the understated yodel (Jimmy Rogers style, not Von Trapp style), while Cathy Dyer is the rose between two thorns DUD who plucks the bull fiddle, sings, and smiles all at the same time (no mean feat). The trio is completed by gifted flat picker and guitar-workshop DUD, Jack MacKenzie.

Put them together and you have one of those special guest spots so suited to the Bunker.

It’ll be a real Americana experience.

The Downunderdogs
Auckland Bluegrass Club
Wednesday 13 June 2018  8 pm
The Bunker, Devonport.
Members $8 non members $10 at the door

Show opens with invitation floor spots – email your interest to info@aucklandbluegrass.co.nz .

Pick & Mix night Wednesday 9 May 2018

Picture this: A group of friends gathers inside the old cabin on the mountain. In the glow of the firelight some of them pull out a collection of battered instruments to strike up a tune before supper.

It’s a delight. This is authentic music as it is supposed to be played and heard.

Luckily, this is not a scene from some Coen brothers’ movie but an event you can walk right into at the Auckland Bluegrass Club Pickers’ Night at the Bunker, next Wednesday, 9 May 2018, 8pm.

You can choose to watch the fun as part of the friendly supportive crowd, or you can perform as a picker yourself. Or the not-too-fast jam session at the end might be just the thing for you.

These nights are popular, so if you want a performing slot, get there early to put your name down. If you find someone to perform with, so much the better.

In other news, a new bluegrass festival called Kiwigrass is being planned for early next year and the organisers are surveying your views to help with planning. Being a bluegrass club, we love the idea of a dedicated bluegrass festival and we know it will help if you respond to the survey.