Sweet Double Bill: Wednesday 10 July 2019

Some of our regular floor performers produce the sweetest music you’ll ever hear, leaving you wanting to demand an encore that you know is impossible if we are to get home before daybreak.

So this month we’ll give ourselves time to absorb and savour the music of two of these acts in a double guest spot.

First up will be a duo of camera shy-guitarists whose playing is breathtakingly clean and accomplished. Henry Plant and Peter Neumegen have the gift of blending perfectly and demonstrating that sometimes one plus one equals about ten.

Taking the floor for the second part of the evening will be Rustic Velvet  – Alice McLeod and Annie Mason. The pair met at The Bunker, and have entranced  audiences over the past three years with their subtle and beautiful renditions of a repertoire of free ranging songs sung straight from the heart. What’s more, they’ll be asking friends to help on a many of the songs which will make it quite a show.

Sweet Double Bill
The Bunker, Devonport
Wednesday 10 July 2019 8pm
Members $8, non members $10 cash at the door

Limited floor spots this month.

Club Concert and jam Wednesday 12 June 2019

The leaves have fallen, the firewood has been stacked, the days have shortened. Another year has slid by and it is time to show some love and loyalty to your instrument.

Fork out a few dollars and do that string change you’ve been putting off. Without any puffs or pills, your playing will suddenly feel fresh and alive and your friends will be left wondering what has changed about you.

With this crisp new enthusiasm head up the Bunker on Wednesday 13 June and participate in another of our fabled Auckland Bluegrass Club concerts and no-stress jam. If you’re not the performing kind, come anyway and gather round the fire and watch the fun.

Club Concert and jam
The Bunker, Devonport
Wednesday 12 June 2019 8pm
Members $5 non members $8 cash at the door

Taste the pie: Wednesday 8 March 2019 8pm

There’s been a change of plan, and much to our delight, Railway Pie are standing in this Wednesday for the Pipi Pickers who were forced to postpone.

Just the name Railway Pie is loaded with meat and gravy. Ask someone who has been collecting the pension for a couple of decades. Be ready. Their eyes will mist over and you’ll be in for a lesson in creative oral history worthy of the finest adman.

The Railway Pie you’ll see this Wednesday is a tradition reaching back 50 years (it must be a friends at school thing) but the music has roots reaching back further to the meaty blues and jug-band sounds of the 1920s.

Today’s Railway Pie is a tasty who’s who of the New Zealand acoustic blues scene – singer and harmonica player Jack Craw with Terry Toohill on guitar and fiddle. They are joined by singing, sliding and picking identity Al Young.   Underpinning the whole thing with double-bass is our club doorman, raffle prize picker, singer, and kazoo artist Garry Trotman.

Like a Railway Pie when you are starving, it’s all yummy stuff; a refreshment stop on the overnight express, where you grab your pie and cup of tea, jump back on the train before it leaves… and enjoy.

Railway Pie
The Bunker, Devonport
Wednesday 8 May 2019 8pm
Members $8 non members $10 cash at the door
Floor spots first half