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Workshop Jam - July

We are pickers and we love jamming.  Pickers who subscribe to our email newsletter will find out where and where our next workshop jam will be.  To find out for yourself subscribe. The format is simple: we briefly discuss some aspect of music or jamming technique, then jam. We open this discussion because...Read More »

Bob and Kate

Wed 8 July 2020 7:30pm Bob Cooper Grundy and Kate Marshall If you could buy songs in a shop, there would be an old wooden second-hand shop just off state highway 2 in the Wairarapa. Facing the traffic would be a sign written in an curly font. It would read Bob and Kate’s Song Emporium. Those...Read More »

Airing songs in the Greenhouse

Wednesday 10 June 7:30pm All those bluegrass songs you learned/half-learned/intended-to-learn (delete one) during lockdown?It’s time to give them an airing in front of your bluegrass friends at the June Auckland Bluegrass cub night concert, which this month will be at the Greenhouse so we have plenty of room for social distancing. This is the plan: The...Read More »

Getting creative in lockdown

Paul Trenwith send us this from his friend Mike Donaldson who heard it on Bluegrass Today today. We’d stick it up on our social media timeline but it would disappear after a while and this is one to keep. Mike Marshall – Mandolin Orchestra, with ‘Lonesome Moonlight Waltz’.  ...Read More »

Sad news acknowledged

It is time to acknowledge two life members that have passed away this year. The most recent was Alan Lewis. We have not seen Alan at the club for some years due to his deteriorating health which culminated in his passing away last weekend. Alan knew how to get...Read More »

Bluegrass is good but it's not worth getting sick for

Hey, we love our music but we love life even more. Beating this COVID-19 thing is a community effort, and we should play our part. So there will be no club night in May, here’s hoping that it won’t be too much longer before we can get going...Read More »

Yippie! We've got the Pipi Pickers. Wednesday 11 March 2020

“We play banjo-licious bluegrass music,” is the promise the Pipi Pickers make on Google.   But with so much fake news on the internet there is only one way to know for sure –  get your bum on a seat at the Bunker and judge for yourself. We are pretty sure, that...Read More »

Did anything from Kiwigrass rub off? Next Wednesday 12 Feb club night.

Kiwigrass Academy (Photo: Ian Fisk) A good number of us went to the Kiwigrass academy and we hope you notice our new-found skills at the club night on Wednesday. There was so much to learn – not just from the academy but also from watching the flash guns at the...Read More »

2020 workshop jams series begins

Low pressure workshop jam Wed 4 march 7:30 pm After all that practice in your bedroom (yeah right) you might as well get out and play, and what better place than one of our low pressure workshop jams. This year we will briefly workshop a topic then get on to jamming....Read More »

Auckland Folk Festival

Yes we will be at the Auckland Folk Festival and hosting the bluegrass concert at 5pm on Sunday in the Mill. The Bluegrass Concert features: The Downunderdogs Pipi Pickers Peter Neumegen and Henry Plant with bass player Garry Trotman Gone Blue Bluegrass and Beyond The Auckland Folk...Read More »

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