Past Events

Shindig: Wednesday 11 September 2019

Fiddler Dave Kahn and claw hammer banjo player David Ward (pictured) will be joined by bassist Eamon Edmundson-Wells to bring us Shindig. Shindig: the fast and furious clawhammer banjo of David Ward, the lightning bow of fiddler Dave Khan, and bass whiz Eamon Edmundson-Wells.  More electrifying than a spark plug lead, these...Read More »

Club concert: Wednesday 9 October 2019

Daylight saving is in, and spring is sprung, so you can head up to the Bunker in daylight again, for another great Auckland Bluegrass Club Concert.   We can pretty much guarantee some pretty tunes, slick tunes, sad songs, happy songs, and songs glorifying alcoholism, smoking, gambling, rambling, God, life in prison,...Read More »

Jam session: Wednesday 2 October 7:30pm. In town.

Jamming at the Greenhouse It worked! Last month we had a great jam session at the Greenhouse in Ponsonby and this month we’re going to repeat the fun. It was a great occasion to have a go, or sing without fear of being an egg. We have a...Read More »

Jam session Wednesday 4 Sept 7:30pm. In town.

If you find yourself retreating to the bedroom and playing to yourself, for well …fun… here’s a tonic that will restore your musical self esteem, give you instant social credibility, and put everything right with the world. Thanks to the generosity of a supporter, Auckland Bluegrass Club has got the key...Read More »

Rapid fire AGM and club concert Wednesday 14 August 2019

Our AGM is so exciting you will bolt down your dinner and leave the dishes in the sink as you rush out the door.*  At the very least it is almost certainly less formal and way quicker than any others you’ve experienced.We’ll hear a quick summary from the president, check...Read More »

Sweet Double Bill: Wednesday 10 July 2019

Some of our regular floor performers produce the sweetest music you’ll ever hear, leaving you wanting to demand an encore that you know is impossible if we are to get home before daybreak. So this month we’ll give ourselves time to absorb and savour the music of two of these acts in...Read More »

Club Concert and jam Wednesday 12 June 2019

The leaves have fallen, the firewood has been stacked, the days have shortened. Another year has slid by and it is time to show some love and loyalty to your instrument. Fork out a few dollars and do that string change you’ve been putting off. Without any puffs or pills, your playing...Read More »

Taste the pie: Wednesday 8 March 2019 8pm

There’s been a change of plan, and much to our delight, Railway Pie are standing in this Wednesday for the Pipi Pickers who were forced to postpone. Just the name Railway Pie is loaded with meat and gravy. Ask someone who has been collecting the pension for a couple of decades....Read More »

Club Concert and no-pressure jam Wednesday 10 April 2019

You’ll find the applause is just as loud at our Auckland Bluegrass Club concert nights as it is when any flash Harry acts come through. This month, that applause could be for you. Work up a couple of bluegrass, Western Swing, old time, or Americana songs, and show us what you can...Read More »

Auckland Folk Festival Bluegrass Concert 5 pm Sunday 27 Jan 2019

It’s a great long-standing tradition that the Auckland Bluegrass Clubs hosts a showcase Bluegrass Concert at the Auckland Folk Festival. This year featuring some of New Zealand’s best bluegrass bands: The Pipi Pickers Auckland Bluegrass Club Band Wires & Wood Hot Diggity These great bands will be introduced by our spirit-lifting MC Conni Ruff. ...Read More »

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