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Bluegrass Concert - Auckland Folk Festival Sunday 28 Jan 2018 3:30pm

Once again we get to host the bluegrass concert at the Auckland folk festival.

The 2018 line up is:

  1. Clench Mountain Revival
  2. Don Milne
  3. Bluegrass and Beyond
  4. Kate Marshall and Bob Cooper-Grundy)
  5. Pipi Pickers

Sunday 28 January 2018 3:30-5pm
The Mill
Auckland Folk Festival, Kumeu Showgrounds
Free to festival goers

Big bluegrassy jam 14 February 2018

Come to the first of our 2018 big bluegrassy jams. We’ll be putting together a sort of bluegrassy blackboardy concert for the first half then a sort of low key bluegrassy jam for the second half.

We are doing this because we’ve found that these evenings are a lot of fun, where you are a player or a socialiser.

Auckland Bluegrass club jam
Wednesday, 14 February 2018  8 pm
The Bunker, Mt Victoria, Devonport
Members $5 non-members $8 at the door 


The Lonely Heartstring Band Concert Wed 7 Feb 2018


This is top notch bluegrass, honed to a razor sharp edge on the road all over the USA. But that’s not all. Heavens above, they’ve even been hitting Germany, the hotbed of bluegrass, on their way to New Zealand.

Their Auckland Folk Festival appearance is sure to be a great set, but at the Auckland Bluegrass Club it will be a totally different experience. This is no concert where their shoes level with your eyes.  Seeing them at the Bunker is very much like having friends over to your house for an evening, except these friends can really, really pick.

Reserve your tickets at Under the Radar now because this is a small venue – that’s what makes it unique and enchanting.

Doors open at 7:15 for 8pm start for a full, two set concert.

Ensure you get a seat – Reserve tickets now

Check these tracks out:

“This fast-rising young quintet is the most notable bluegrass band to come out of Berklee well, maybe ever.” – George Varga, San Diego Union Tribune.

The Lonely Heartstring Band
Wednesday, 7 February 2018 8 pm 
The Bunker, Mt Victoria, Devonport
Tickets: $25 + $2 Booking fee

Bluegrass Christmas club night Wednesday 13 December 2017

Roll up folks! Come and be seen on the suddenly fashionable bluegrass scene. Be the envy of your friends. Sneak past the paparazzi and take selfies with Auckland’s b-list* celebrities and watch them go viral.

Once you make it inside, be outrageously daring and take the floor to perform a couple of songs in the first half, before you lap up a Christmas supper and cap the evening off with a leisurely bluegrassy-but-not-too-fast jam in the second half.

Or, if performing is not your thing, just come along and soak up the musical atmosphere.

Either way, it will be a fun night not to be missed.

Auckland Bluegrass Christmas club night
Wednesday, 13 December 2017  8 pm
The Bunker, Mt Victoria, Devonport
Members $5 non-members $8 at the door 
*  Bluegrass list
** If you’re wondering what happened to Wires and Wood for December they have been deferred due to circumstances beyond their control.

Singin', playin' and jammin': Club night Wed 11 October

Dig through the closet, search under the bed. Find that bluegrass instruction manual, the one you haven’t seen for years.

When you find it, turn to the chapter called Giving It A Go.  That’s the chapter about getting off your chuff and coming along to your local Bluegrass Club and singin’, playin’ and jammin’.

Because this Wednesday 11 October is your big opportunity to get up and perform at the friendly Auckland Bluegrass club night.

Get yourself along, put your name down with the bluegrassy looking president Al Young, and don’t be shy about asking other musicians to help you out.

Go it alone, or create an instant band, either way get into some bluegrass.

Of course you might be the quiet type who’d rather not actually stand up and perform. Luckily, there is room for you too, in our jam session – your chance to jam along like an introvert or like an extrovert, according to your fancy.  The songs can be found here.

If you can’t handle performing, and you honestly don’t feel like jamming, well you won’t need that Bluegrass instruction manual, just come along and enjoy the fun.

Wednesday 11 October 2017  8pm
The Bunker in Devonport
Club nights: members $5, non-members $8 cash at the door.
Bring your instruments


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