Did anything from Kiwigrass rub off? Next Wednesday 12 Feb club night.

Kiwigrass Academy (Photo: Ian Fisk)

A good number of us went to the Kiwigrass academy and we hope you notice our new-found skills at the club night on Wednesday. There was so much to learn – not just from the academy but also from watching the flash guns at the Kiwigrass festival.

Don’t worry, we solemnly promise not to overdo the stories.

As always on a club night, there will be opportunities to perform and there will be willing, friendly musicians ready to pop-up and help you out.

At the end we’ll have a no pressure jam on a few standards.

Auckland Bluegrass Club concert
Wednesday, 12 February 2020  8 pm
The Bunker, Devonport 
Door sales $8 cash, Members $5 cash.