Duo+Duo: Whiskey Falls Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Two strong women with their flash bluegrass boys. That’s what you get when you splice together Wellington’s Kim and Dusty, and The Pipi Pickers’ Jenine and Nat.

The Welly pair, Kim Bonnington and Dusty Burnell, are known in their own right as exceptionally talented musicians whose vocals are so tightly bound together you would think they were twins.

Of the Leigh pair, Pipis’ bass player Jenine Abarbanel is known for her magnetic stage presence, while Nat Torkington does banjo stuff that sees other musicians surreptitiously searching for hidden computer cables running from the back of his shirt.

Mark it on your calendar now because this duo+duo combination will give you an evening of great music and entertainment, with invited performers in the first half.

Whiskey Falls
Auckland Bluegrass Club
Wednesday 11 April 2018 8 pm
The Bunker, Devonport
Members $8 non members $10 at the door