Wires & Wood Wednesday 12 September 8pm

It is foretold that on the second Wednesday of the ninth month, the sun shall sink in the West, the moon shall rise, the door to ancient Bunker on the hill shall swing open and the great legend of Wires and Wood will appear like a beacon in the night.

You can see the prophecy fulfilled for yourself, when the legendary bluegrass band Wires & Wood make one of their appearances, but only if you get off your chuff and get over there for yourself.

People still talk wistfully of their previous appearances as a band, and their Best Folk Album award is still up there on the wall. So help us welcome back to the bunker Micheal Young on mandolin, Dave Warren on flat top guitar, Bryan Christianson on banjo, and Garry Trotman on bass with their bluegrass harmonies and masterful playing.

Wires & Wood bluegrass band
Auckland Bluegrass Club
Wednesday 11 July 2018  8 pm
The Bunker, Devonport.  (Gate will be open)
Members $8 non members $10 at the door

Show opens with floor spots