Performing music in Zoom on laptop or mobile phone

Playing music in a Zoom meeting doesn’t always work out because Zoom is optimised for conversation and suppresses what it thinks is background noise, sometimes including your acoustic guitar between each vocal line – or worse. The whole thing breaks up.


To override these settings and play the original unprocessed sound on a desktop go to Audio settings> advanced settings and enable the in meeting option for original sound.

When you are in the meeting look for the Turn on Original Sound option on the top left corner of the screen. Select this option before playing music and switch it back when going back to conversation. (You may need to hover your mouse over that area to make the option visible)

Mobile App

The process for mobile apps is similar. (These screen shots are from an Android app). First log into the app – you don’t need to join a meeting for this step. Go to Settings>meeting

Within meeting settings select Use original sound.

You are almost done. When you next join a meeting on your mobile, before you play music, put your finger on the screen to bring up the menus and options. Select More>enable Original Sound. When you are done playing to optimise for conversation again repeat the process and select disable original sound.