Workshop Jams

We are pickers and we love jamming.  Pickers who subscribe to our email newsletter will find out where and where our next workshop jam will be.  To find out for yourself subscribe.

The format is simple: we briefly discuss some aspect of music or jamming technique, then jam. We open this discussion because we want to help pickers improve by swapping tips and having a forum where you can ask questions of other pickers.

This is always informal, fun, no pressure, and a great way to improve your picking and to get to know other club pickers.

Bring an instrument and and if you are up for it, some simple bluegrass style songs that we can jam to. 

If we are at the Hypatia apartments here is how to find them:

Hypatia Apartments corner room

Hypatia Apartments
246 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Auckland 1023