Revel in applause - Wednesday 9 November


Great news!

There is a place for you at the Auckland Bluegrass Club night –  Wednesday 9 November at the Bunker.  

Never again do you have to play bluegrass by yourself in a cupboard under the stairs. Instead, you can make music with other Auckland Bluegrass club musicians, and revel in the applause that will ring in your ears.e1ac6b4d-fb02-4341-90d8-506afdc23659

So get to work on a couple of songs now and if you can’t manage hardcore bluegrass then bring a little old time or Americana.

It’s a social music, so don’t be shy, after you’ve put your name down with AL the MC, ask around – there will be plenty of musicians there to help you sound terrific with some backing.

Then to close the evening we’ll have a jam on some simple bluegrass standards,

Songs to Jam on:
Long Journey Home – Key of A  Chords
I’ll Fly Away Key of D (female lead) OR I’ll Fly Away Key of G (Male lead)  Chords
In the Pines – Key of E Chords

Don’t forget to bring a friend and in the meantime, keep pickin’

The Auckland Bluegrass Club is held on the second Wednesday of the month at the world famous Bunker in Devonport. Directions