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Taste the pie: Wednesday 8 March 2019 8pm

There’s been a change of plan, and much to our delight, Railway Pie are standing in this Wednesday for the Pipi Pickers who were forced to postpone.

Just the name Railway Pie is loaded with meat and gravy. Ask someone who has been collecting the pension for a couple of decades. Be ready. Their eyes will mist over and you’ll be in for a lesson in creative oral history worthy of the finest adman.

The Railway Pie you’ll see this Wednesday is a tradition reaching back 50 years (it must be a friends at school thing) but the music has roots reaching back further to the meaty blues and jug-band sounds of the 1920s.

Today’s Railway Pie is a tasty who’s who of the New Zealand acoustic blues scene – singer and harmonica player Jack Craw with Terry Toohill on guitar and fiddle. They are joined by singing, sliding and picking identity Al Young.   Underpinning the whole thing with double-bass is our club doorman, raffle prize picker, singer, and kazoo artist Garry Trotman.

Like a Railway Pie when you are starving, it’s all yummy stuff; a refreshment stop on the overnight express, where you grab your pie and cup of tea, jump back on the train before it leaves… and enjoy.

Railway Pie
The Bunker, Devonport
Wednesday 8 May 2019 8pm
Members $8 non members $10 cash at the door
Floor spots first half





Club Concert Wednesday 12 June 2019

Work up a couple of songs while you still have time…

Double bill: Rustic Velvet – Peter and Henry Wednesday 10 July 2019

You’ve seen both these acts at the Auckland Bluegrass Club from time to time, and the response has been so good that we asked them to front up and do a double bill…

Rapid fire AGM and club concert Wednesday 14 August 2019

Our AGM is less formal and quicker than most, and we’ll here from the pres, report on our representation to the Auckland Folk Festival,  check if there’s any money in the bank, look for committee volunteers and any suggestions. It’s very adult: no raised voices, snarky comments, or fisticuffs.

Then before you know it we’ll break out the instruments…..

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Mmmm… still working on it.

Club concert: Wednesday 9 October 2019

Pickin’ singin’ and all that stuff.

Wires and Wood: Wednesday 13 November 2019

One of our favourite bluegrass bands is back!

Wires and Wood Wednesday 13 November 2019 8pm.

It's a tradition! Christmas at the Auckland Bluegrass Club: Wednesday 11 December 2019

Every year it comes around faster, and every year we enjoy it just as much.